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Xuan Kong Da Gua

Master Olga Garcia has carefully transcribed this course directly from the teachings of Master Yu, and masterfully guides you through the fascinating world of Xuan Kong Da Gua - a must for any professional Feng Shui consultant!

Xuan Kong Feng Shui consists of two departments - Da Gua and Fei Xing.

Da Gua is the body while Fei Xing is the application. For application to be powerful, the body must be healthy. To use Da Gua without Fei Xing is like a strong boxer who does not have any technique. To use Fei Xing without Da Gua is like a skillful boxer who is sick all the time. These two should work hand in hand.

This seminar is divided into two parts:

• Xuan Kong Da Gua 1 – 10 chapters with practical exercises
Focuses on the distribution of earth qi in terms of the 64 hexagrams and covers the use of Ling Shen & Zheng Shen, fine-tuned to the 64 hexagrams and 384 Yao.

• Xuan Kong Da Gua 2 – 12 chapters with practical exercises
Looks at the communication among Heaven, Earth & Man through the 64 hexagrams. We will also learn about date selection to enhance wealth, career, family & health luck with Feng Shui practices.

Exceptional Value

• Xuan Kong Da Gua 1 Value:  $ 666 USD

• Xuan Kong Da Gua 2 Value:  $ 666 USD

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Xuan Kong Da Gua Part 1

0. Introduction & Content

1. About XKDG

2. 64 Hexagrams

3. 180 Year Cycle

4. Fu Mu Gua

5. Zheng Shen & Ling Shen

6. External Practical Examples

7. Internal Practical Examples

8. Seven Star Robbery

9. 384 Yao Fen Jin

10. Project

Xuan Kong Da Gua Part 2

0. Content

1. Ai Xing Jue

2. Dragon, Moutain, facing, Water

3. To Choose a Site

4. Element of Hexagram

5. Inside Gua & Outside Gua

6. Sheng in & Ke in

7. Assigning 60 Jia Zi to Hexagrams

8. Date Selection

9. Auspicious Four Pillars

10. Blood Link

11. Wealth, Descendants, Fame

12. Recap

You receive:

1. Beautiful downloadable handouts with room for additional notes

2. Video presentations you can view multiple times for 30 days

3. Your Business Feng Shui Accreditation Diploma




Chi Solutions Learning Centre membership required for course attendance: 

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Hear what students say:

"As I approached the advanced study of Xuan Kong Da Gua, I was quite nervous and a little overwhelmed with all I needed to learn. With hexagrams, blood links and combinations to understand, I wondered if I would ever 'get it'...! Once inside the classroom with Master Olga Garcia, I immediately became calm, as I could see had a learning path clearly laid out for me to follow. I appreciate how Olga emphasized the important aspects of the course, so that I could focus my attention there, and advance easily. With Olga's wonderful teaching, I am ready to utilize my new skills, and become an excellent Xuan Kong Da Gua practitioner - thank you dear Olga!" Samantha Plovie