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Business Feng Shui with Olga

This seminar is written by Master Joseph Yu, and presented by Master Olga Garcia.

The focus will be on Business Feng Shui in the workplace, and is an excellent complement to the Professional Feng Shui Modules 1 - 4. The basic knowledge of Feng Shui is always the same, however in business we need to focus on activities more so, and the yang energy will be of primary importance.

This is an extensive course, where we will talk about different situations for different companies and examine some cases studies. Knowing what Feng Shui Master You Shi Yin said about some Chinese factories, we will consider his advice and Master Joseph’s advice…

As we complete this seminar, we will look at the design, and improvements given by Master Joseph Yu for the Remington Centre shopping mall in Canada. After taking this seminar, I have absolute confidence that you will be able to provide excellent Commercial Feng Shui Consults!

Exceptional Value

• Business Feng Shui Seminar Value:  $690 USD

• Bonus Materials: Mini Hotel Suecia Seminar

            • Absolutely free to you - included in this course purchase!

Seminar Syllabus

1. Site Selection

2. Flow of Qi

3. Water Concourse

4. Building Design

5. Office Design

6. A taiji for every individual

7. Case study 1

8. Case study 2

9. Date Selection

10. Remington Centre Project

11. Remington Centre Recommendations


You receive

1. Beautiful downloadable handouts with room for additional notes

2. Video presentations you can view multiple times for 30 days

3. Your Business Feng Shui Accreditation Diploma



Chi Solutions Learning Centre membership required for course attendance: 

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