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Business Feng Shui: Hotel Suecia

This Seminar is a case study presented by Master Olga Garcia on the Business Feng Shui aspect of the Hotel Suecia in Madrid.

In this Seminar, you will learn what happens when business renovations are made during different time periods, and what changes occur. Does the business change to a newer period or… does it stay the same as the original build period..?

An essential addition to the FSRC Business Feng Shui course written by Master Joseph Yu, this seminar is an indispensable tool for your complete understanding of Qi functionality within Business Feng Shui.

Hotel Suecia was a very well-known hotel located down town in Madrid. A very interesting story in itself, and the different renovations done since Period 5 (when it was built) give us very interesting knowledge....

With pictures of the hotel, we will analyze the possible diagrams according to the different renovations and we will see how the flying stars indicate the correct star chart that correspond to the changes. The flying stars tell us the story… which coincide with the events exceptionally well!

Exceptional Value

• Business Feng Shui Hotel Suecia:  $19 USD

         • unprecedented value indeed!

In this seminar you will learn

1. The history of this well-known hotel

2. The impact of the virtual water flow to the place we analyze

3. The influence of the forms, surroundings and what should be observed and told to our clients

4. How renovations affect possible period changes

5. How the flying stars tell us the story!

You receive

1. A beautiful downloadable handout with room for additional notes

2. Video presentation you can view for 14 days

3. Diploma accrediting this seminar



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