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Four Pillars Essential

Who can attend this Seminar? 
This seminar is useful for everyone and will be a great help in our daily life.
No previous knowledge is needed.
The Seminar is written by Master Joseph Yu and will give us the Chinese Astrology foundation according to the solar calendar and will allows us to understand a basic interpretation.
You will learn to elaborate your own calendar, to understand the influence of time, each day’s potential, to know our strengths and weaknesses, what is most beneficial, what is the best attitude, how to develop your profession or work, what colors are favorable during different periods of time for every person and a lot more...
Besides the knowledge in astrology, the Four Pillars is an indispensable tool to better understand many formulas and concepts in Traditional Feng Shui. 

Introduction, Heavenly Stems, Earthly Branches, the solar calendar, the Jia Zi calendar.
Charting Four Pillars:
Year pillar, month pillar, day pillar, hour pillar, Luck Pillars.
We observe different aspects:
The 5 elements, the 6 spirits, the four pillars and palaces, strength of five elements, strength of Day Master, the principle of balance.
Analyzing the diagram:
Favorable and unfavorable elements, clashes and combinations, how to do a reading, enhancing your luck with colors, choosing the right profession. 

FSRC Certificate of attendance is awarded