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Face Reading for Human Resources

The selection and management of employees is one important key process for a good business organization. Both are important factors because through human resource the goals and aims of the organization can be achieved and ensured. Hence the importance of reliable and efficient selection tools. Face Reading is becoming increasingly known and used as a necessary tool for Management and staff selection.

Seminar Target: This seminar is useful for everybody but has been specially designed for people working in Human Resources. You will learn the way to study the face features that will help you know the personality, character and skills as well as identify the weaknesses and strengths of a person.

Who can attend this seminar? psychologists, social workers, human resource managers, recruiters and human resources assistants, entrepreneurs and anyone interested in the subject.

How to save time on the selection process
The candidate or employees ethical aspects
Learn to identify the best candidate for a specific job according to their skills considering some aspects such as memory, concentration, intelligence, logic, manual skills or calculation, productive hours, if suitable for static or dynamic tasks, if communicative, etc...
For the success and welfare of the company: you will identify if the person goes through good times, if it is somebody you can trust and is thrifty.
You can also know whether the person can work well in a team and collaborate with peers and colleagues, if the person has bad temper despite the abilities and intelligence, whether the person is positive or negative thinking.
You will learn how you can identify people’s potential and treat them according to it.
You will identify if the person is tactful and suitable for confidential tasks.
You will identify if the person has health problems and is prone to accidents.